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This simple drag and drop page builder will allow you to get up a marketing page quickly.  You can build professional quality pages without knowing any coding.  Easily add buttons, graphics clip arts, countdown timers and much more.  Package includes 80 pre-made templates you can use to get started.

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You can spend a small fortune each month paying for an autoresponder and mailer.  It is a vital tool that all successful online marketers must have. Now you can completely eliminate that monthly expense with this WordPress plugin.

You can send unlimited emails to unlimited subscribers with NO monthly cost!

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The number one problem most online marketers have is a lack of good, quality, targeted traffic.  This free WordPress plugin will help solve that problem.

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This new WordPress plugin will allow you to reduce bounces and increase sales on any website.  You are already doing the work of building your site and driving traffic to it.  You might as well get the most out of it.  This simple and unique WordPress plugin will help you do that.

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Secret Software Used by Top Marketers

Finally!  Two top 7-figure online marketers reveal their secret weapon.  Now, they are not only telling all but actually giving you the software they use to dominate online sales.

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Know Your Reason “Why”

“Why are you doing this?


That was the question.

What is your “why”?

It has been so long since I thought about it but I used to ask myself that question all the time.

If you don’t know your reason “why”, you will quit.  If you don’t know your why,  you will give up on your dreams when the challenges get to be too much.

My main reason for having and working my online online business, was for my family.  I wanted to stop sending my kids off to day care while I went off to work at a job I hated. I was able to accomplish that goal,  quit my job and replace my income with my work at home business.  We were able to take vacations to Disney World and take off in the middle of the week sometimes just to go “play”. I am thankful for what my business was able to provide, but things change…

My kids are grown now and off on their own and my business has changed as well.  In many ways, I find myself starting over.  Some things I thought I could count on didn’t turn out that way.

In Week Two of the Fast Start Challenge, we are asked to dream again.  “What would your dream life look like?”

I had to stop and think about this for a while. The first thing I think of is still my family.  I want to make sure I am able to take care of my elderly parents.  They are still independent and doing well and I am most thankful for that but when they need me,  I want to be able to provide everything they need.

I would love to be able to get my kids completely out of debt and in new homes and have them completely paid for.  I want to pay off student loans and set them up to have a secure future long after I am gone.

As for me personally,  I would love to know that I can accomplish all of this and have my own financial security as well. It would be nice to be able to spend whatever I wanted without concern about an uncertain future.  I would love to have a business that required minimal personal attention and consistent, dependable income.

And…I have a granddaughter that needs to be spoiled!  (more spoiled!)

The Quick Start Challenge 2018, week 2 challenge asked “What do I think this will cost to accomplish?”

If I had to put a number of it,  I would say about $30,000 per month.

Is that possible from this new business plan?  We will see.  I look forward to finding out.



Getting Started…

From The Beginning…


Today, I start a new journey in life. I start my own blog.

I named it “NetiMaster” not because that is what I am, but what I want to become!

I have been rambling around the Internet for years following different so-called
“Gurus”. Some were better than others and a learned along the way but too much information sending me in too many different directions has taken its toll.

I finally found a new group with what seems to be a simple yet detailed plan for
taking even the newest newbie from start to success. Its called the “The Quick Start Challenge” with Dean Holland and Craig Crawford. They have a specific plan to follow and training every step of the way so…The “challenge” starts for me today.

Even though I am starting about six days behind and have a few outside challenges to deal with, I will make it work and look forward to the outcome. I know it is not where you start but where you finish that matters. My goals are set…

Maybe I will become a “NetiMaster” after all. 🙂

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