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OK…It’s started…My first blog…

It may become painfully obvious that I have no idea what I am doing but I am doing it anyway, so pardon me if I stumble along the way.  I KNOW the Internet is the answer.  I know it offers the opportunity of a lifetime.  Learning how to master it is the key.

This current generation was born with the Internet and it comes natural to most of them.  Those of us who are aging “Baby Boomers” are not quite as adept, but that is no excuse for not trying. Fortunately, there are people who are willing to help.

My background is corporate for 25 years (mostly in transportation) but I never liked working for someone else.  I have a passion for FREEDOM!  And I knew I would never get that by working for someone else.  Trading hours for dollars doesn’t work in my equation. You eventually run out of time!

I learned a long time ago that leverage was the secret and owning your own business was the only way to create leveraged income so I started with network marketing.  I experienced the good and the bad (and the UGLY!) but I did begin to earn a decent income from it.  It did provide my first taste of true freedom and it still does today.  As a single father,  I was able to stay home and raise my kids.  That alone was worth it!

The only problem is that the ongoing success of a business like that depends on outside factors – the company management, changes in different laws,  government interference, economic factors, etc. Some companies go out of business when they are affected by these outside influences and if that is YOUR company, you can find yourself starting over!   It can be devastating.

I have been luckier that most and made a full time living for over 20 years from mine, but I still want something more and that is why I am pursuing my own Internet based business.  I want something in my control.  I am a BIG believer in diversification and NEVER “putting all of your eggs in one basket.”  I try to never depend on one income source – Not a job or business!  I have seen too many lives destroyed when that job or business went away and they had no backup plan.  Everyone should always have a plan B.

So,  Here I am starting my new “Plan B” and I am excited about it and a little unsure because this “Internet thing” does not come natural to me.  I generally have to go through a training more than once to get it and then hope this feeble brain of mine can retain that new information long enough to use it!

I also have a tendency to chase too many “shiny objects” looking for the secret only to find that, most of the time, they were just another illusion.  Today, I have new mentors and I am following their lead so we will see how it goes.

Thanks for reading all of my rambling.  I hope you find this site useful.  Please feel free to ask any questions or make any comments.  I would love to hear what you are doing as well.

DD Moore –  Innovations Marketing Systems LLC